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"Larry Harbison is, by far, one of the most insightful and knowledgeable writer/critics on the theatre scene in the industry today. His insightful critiques have such heart and a remarkable ability to get into the meaning of a play. His vast knowledge of the structure of a play or musical, is spot on. He is respectful of the art of playwriting in general. He also understands the meaning of an actor's artistry. If he actually catches an actor "acting,” he knows it and says so in a kind and humane way. He never destroys the playwright or the actor as some critics feel it is obligatory to do to justify their jobs."

                                                            ---- Carol Ostrow, Producer


"Larry Harbison is not only an amazing man of theater with an astute eye for talent, but he is an incredible editor. He has an unrivaled eye and ear for exactly what a play needs to be taken to its utmost potential. His editing will bring your play to its highest quality and give it a look of polished professionalism all the while retaining the spirit, integrity, and intent of the playwright. He wants your play to be great as much as you do. His caring and passion for the writer's process is extraordinary and something you truly feel when he is working with you. He is clever, kind, hilarious, and generous.  He is also sensitive to a playwright's opinions and needs, and will never push you to make a change you don't believe in. 

You are in trusted and talented hands with Larry, and also very lucky for the opportunity to have him assist you with polishing your play."


                                                            ---- Nicole Pandolfo

"Upon my first contact with Larry, it was obvious that this is a very special man. It's more than the fact he's one of the most intelligent and well-read people - whose knowledge of theater appears to be bottomless - that I've ever met.  It's that he does so much more than provide a service. He collaborates with you to such a degree that you wonder what you did to merit such dedication. He is an inexhaustible font of energy, advice, encouragement and kindness. But he is also unflinchingly honest, a trait that is all too rare, and yet so essential to artistic growth. I never resent his honesty because I trust his judgment completely. 

His commitment - first to immersing himself in your work, and second, to distilling your voice to its purest, most potent essence - is nothing short of astonishing. You quickly find yourself the grateful beneficiary of his uncanny insight, his thorough grasp of the craft of writing, and his savvy vis a vis the realities of the business of theater - all of which he brings to bear in his determination to sculpt your content into something with both artistic and commercial merit. I consider Larry not only the provider of an excellent service that does more than deliver on its value proposition; I consider him a friend, a mentor and an inspiration.  My acquaintance with Larry has enriched my life tremendously." 

                                                ----- Adam Cunningham

"I'm enormously grateful for Larry's contribution to my play, Teresa's Ecstasy. He made the subtleties in the story more profound, better revealing my vision of the characters' complex world. Thank you a million for your passion for my work, Larry!"

                                                            -- Begonya Plaza


"In a more righteous world, Larry Harbison would be known as the founder of the "play potential movement ."  Using supple clear-cut language, he found pragmatic theatrical solutions to problems that were undermining my play. Hire him! His energy is immense. He's worth every penny of his fee."
                                                            -- Peter Michalos

"I'm eternally grateful to the playwright friend with many successful professional productions who referred me to Larry. Larry's well of theatrical knowledge is bottomless, and he possesses the capacity to understand and appreciate a diverse array of theatrical styles. He brings this knowledge combined with an acute sense of the commercially viable to his interactions with the playwright. Turnaround times are expeditious, and his editing and insights result in improved work. His kindness, generosity, encouragement and sense of humor tremendously enhance the re-writing process."
                                                         -- J. Thalia Cunningham

"Larry Harbison has immense passion for theatre, plays, and playwrights.
His deep insight into character, form, and dramatic action is unparalleled
and his feedback is honest, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Any script
passing through Larry's professional hands will emerge stronger and more
finely-crafted. Working with Larry is also an educational experience, replete
with artistic support and creative enrichment. Larry's uniquely artful eye has
been invaluable for the development of my plays, and, on a personal level, Larry is trustworthy and a great all-around guy."
                                                           -- Jon Spano

"I've worked closely and happily with Lawrence Harbison for a quarter of a century now, in the many years in which he was Editor at Samuel French Inc., and later in his current role as Senior Editor at Smith & Kraus, during which time he has been instrumental in getting the work of hundreds of new writers into print, both in countless Samuel French acting editions and in his many anthologies of plays, scenes and monologues. And as a long time writer on the New York theatre scene he has probably done more theatre going than any living human being. He's been so helpful to so many playwrights. His deep love for the theatre and for all sorts of plays, his unbounded enthusiasm for good work, and his tremendously clear eye for talent are all legendary. He is also a wonderfully entertaining writer himself, with a sense of humor and a complex, searching intellect. He's sympathetic and honest, and has a great eye for what makes a play work and what prevents it from being as good as it could be. There's nobody whose opinion I value more, and nobody I could recommend more highly."
                                                          -- Don Nigro

"I first worked with Larry when he was literary consultant for the American Jewish Theatre and I was literary manager. He was amazing to work with. Larry knew every play, theater, production, and every person developing new work. He truly understands where and how plays are produced in the United States. As a literary manager and artistic director, I’ve helped to develop and produce over thirty world premieres, including new plays by Nicky Silver, Andrew Bergman, and Jonathan Reynolds. With his unique skill set, background, work ethic, and ability, I can’t help but feel that playwrights at any point in their development would benefit greatly from working with Larry.”
Martin Blank
Artistic Director
                                                            American Ensemble Theater

"Lawrence Harbison is a great friend and a mentor. He directed my first two plays in New York City, helped me with obtaining representation, and was instrumental in assisting me with productions and publications. My first published play, DREAMS OF FLIGHT, is dedicated to him. No one is as knowledgeable about the working theatre; further, his ability to break down a script quickly and succinctly is legendary.  I highly recommend his services."
                                                           -- Brian Mori

"To say that Lawrence Harbison has his finger on the pulse of contemporary American drama, would not be doing him justice.  It would be more accurate to say that he is swimming in its bloodstream.  He has not only proven to be a conduit for the refined playwrights in today's limelight, but has a gift for recognizing and lifting up those who will be in tomorrow's."

                                                          -- Lisa Soland
(Ms. Soland teaches playwriting, Her plays have been published by Samuel French and Smith & Kraus).

"Few know contemporary American drama as well and as deeply as Lawrence Harbison. In his work as an editor and critic, he has seen literally thousands of plays, and read even more. Unlike so many commentators on play productions today, he possesses that rare ability to separate the writing of the play from its performance and direction, zeroing in on exactly which elements are working and why. His wide-ranging familiarity with new work, his ability to appreciate a text distinct from its presentation, and his excellent taste and judgment make him uniquely qualified to assist playwrights in improving their work."

                                                         -- Jenny Lyn Bader, playwright.

Lawrence Harbison is a master of the craft of editing, and an encyclopedia of knowledge about the theatre. He works with the playwright respecting her journey but adds the necessary insights to make a play move from good to great. I recommend him unconditionally.

                                                            -- Rosary O'Neill


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